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Total Health Transformation Academy
Follow this proven training system to quickly create or improve upon SUSTAINABLE healthy lifestyle habits so you can live your life with more freedom and confidence, have more energy, and look & feel good doing it. 

After completing this online course, you can expect to feel a mindset shift in the way you look at your health and self-care, increased confidence in yourself and your capacity to handle any challenges you are faced with, as well as a feeling of pride and accomplishment as you take the actions you need to take and see positive results.

Students who have completed THTA have also reported feeling a sense of freedom from the physical and emotional stress and anxiety of the day to day management of diabetes! 
Total Health Transformation Academy includes how to use the Six Pillars of Total Health system to dramatically increase the quality of your health and life: 
  • Mindset - Learn about the number one thing that is keeping you from reaching your health and wellness goals, and gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to overcome it once and for all.
  • Nutrition - Finally learn the most important things to consider regarding foods to eat for your individual lifestyle and preferences, and learn what you should stop doing IMMEDIATELY. Healthy meal plan guidelines included!
  • Fitness - Understand and implement these principles before you start your next exercise program. If you're already working out, then you need to know this now! A new workout to follow each week (6 total!), completely modifiable for any fitness level. 
  • Body Systems - Begin optimizing your healthy lifestyle right away, and learn the top 2 bodily functions that are stopping the majority of people from achieving lasting success with fat loss and consistent fitness practices. 
  • Support - Find out the best ways to succeed in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle by finally learning that you are not alone in this journey. Getting the support you need will help you reach the next level in energy and vitality.
  • Mindfulness - This is the health and wellness maximizer that is almost always overlooked and is overwhelmingly underrated as the X factor to attaining the sustainable healthy lifestyle you desire. 
Choose from 3 options to fit your budget and timeline for achieving your health and wellness results:
 Total Health Transformation Academy 6 week Course 
  • Comprehensive 6 Week Training Program
  • 30 Results-Focused Training Videos
  • Includes Bonus Health Expert Interviews
  • Includes Crash Course and Foundation Course and All Bonuses
Total Health crash Course 

  • 6 Week Mini-Program to Keep you on Track
  • 9 In-Depth Videos on 6 Pillars of Health
  • Ask Questions in Members Forum
  • Includes Foundation Course and Bonuses
Total Health Foundation Course 

  • Great for Beginners
  • 3 Video Series on 6 Pillars of Health
  • 2 Bonuses: 5 Day Meal Plan, Food Guide      
  • Videos Available on Mobile and Desktop
You’ll Learn from Top Health and Diabetes Coach: Daniele Hargenrader
Daniele Hargenrader, AKA the Diabetes Dominator, is a #1 Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, Health Coach, certified personal trainer, international speaker, and authentic community builder. She helps individuals from all walks of life to think, eat, and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and quality of life they previously thought unattainable. 

Daniele is committed to serving those who are serious about finally making the switch from fad diets and workouts to understanding, accepting, and embracing a truly sustainable healthy lifestyle. 
How Can Daniele Help You? 
When Daniele was 9 years old she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 3 years later she lost her father to a heart attack unexpectedly, and after battling a binge eating disorder and deep depression while ballooning up to 200 lbs with her diabetes out of control, she decided it was time to fight back in order to live the life she desired. She put herself through a rigorous personal training school program, earned her degree in Nutrition Science, got herself in the best shape of her life, and created a successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur business doing what she loves and helping others along the way. Daniele believes we all have the power to turn adversity into advantage, and has dedicated her life to teaching others how to do exactly that. 
“If every single person could apply Daniele’s life-changing wisdom, millions of lives would be improved, billions of dollars would be saved, and the face of health in America would be entirely transformed.” 
Dr. Jody Stanislaw, Naturopathic Doctor, and Author, Hunger

"Trying to lose weight is a lot like being stuck in a deep, dark hole. There are so many websites, programs, systems, pills, exercises. It's overwhelming, how can a video or a computer know what is right for you and only you? How can a young, fit sports coach who has never been out of shape know what you need? It is hard to describe exactly what this program is except for that Daniele does not just give you some exercises or a a calorie count, she jumps down in the hole and step by step tells you how to get out. Not only that, she gives you the tools to do it yourself and a boost just when you need it."
Rachel P, Philadelphia, Client, Lost 15 Pounds in 8 Weeks through Total Health Transformation Academy, Coaching, and commitment
"Just wanted to thank you. My A1C went from 9.8 to 6.5! My doctor said she called the lab to make sure there was no mistake in results, that’s how happy she was!! I can’t believe this happened in only 3 months."
Lina M, 45, PWD, Philadelphia

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