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Get your FREE copy of Mars Journey - Call to Action Book 1
Mars Journey: Call to Action is a near-future Sci-Fi thriller that will take you on an epic journey around the world and beyond… 

Brent Carlson, a brilliant but disgraced former astronaut, embarks on a modern day quest to gather and train the crew of the first international mission to Mars.
Meanwhile, Herr Graden, the power hungry billionaire CEO of a massive global technology conglomerate has launched a bid to reach Mars first and claim the red planet as corporate property.

Now with the clock ticking down, Brent and his team have entered into a dangerous race against time and a fight with humanity’s darker side just to survive long enough to see the launch

“Brent Carlson is like a combination of Jason Bourne and Sherlock Holmes… in Space!”

“Short enough with so much action that I could not quit reading until I finished rather late at night!” -Hank

“Finally got a chance to read your book! I LOVE it. We need more books like this and series of stories like this would be just awesome. My son recently read it too and he loved it too. He is into all things Space and he told me there should be more books like this!! “ A. Elliott 

Plus get 2 additional bonuses for FREE:
-Bonus #1: 22 page Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide
-Bonus #2: Mars Journey Mission Assessment: Brent Carlson

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Hi, my name is Bill Hargenrader, author of Mars Journey: Call to Action.

I'm offering a FREE  copy of Mars Journey: Call to Action to anyone who is interested in exciting action and adventure thrillers. 

What's the catch? No catch. I'm just really excited that it already hit the chart as a number 1 bestseller, and I want to share with my friends, new readers, and fellow Mars & space exploration enthusiasts! 

Books 2 and 3 are already bestsellers as well!

It's a novella, so by design it will only take as much time to read as it does to watch an episode of Homeland/the Walking Dead/fill in the blank with your favorite TV show. 

All I ask is that when you finish reading it you leave an honest review on the Amazon website (currently 4.8 Stars). There will be link at the back of the book. 

Thanks for being a part of the Mars Journey!

Ad Mars et Ultra (To Mars and Beyond),
Bill Hargenrader

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