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Want to create a better relationship with your diabetes or with the person you love who has diabetes? My #1 bestselling book is for you!

Read on to find out how you can get 3 FREE bonuses worth over $100 (including some of my best training!) when you buy the book or eBook:
“If every single person living with diabetes could read this book and apply Daniele’s life-changing wisdom, millions of lives would be improved, billions of dollars would be saved, and the face of health in America would be entirely transformed.” — Dr. Jody Stanislaw, PWD, Naturopathic Doctor, and Author, Hunger 

I wrote Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator as a book for those who are looking for answers for HOW to build their own sustainable healthy habits. The book shows you how to use your powers of choice, self-love, and community to completely change your relationship with diabetes for the better, and how to turn a perceived adversity into advantage. After my diagnosis at age 9 and the unexpected and sudden death of my father a few years later, I ballooned up to 200 pounds, and battled clinical depression and a binge eating addiction for over 8 years. 
Through these adversities, I eventually took myself from obese to athlete. This book provides you with a shortcut (system) to the path that I took, and continue to travel to this day. 

This is the book I wish I could go back and give my to my mom, dad, and my younger self to let us know things would be okay.

For parents, this book is a shining light in the seemingly dark places that diabetes can take us to. In the foreword my mom (and best friend) Gayle talks about how it can be tough, and how our challenges build our character... and it will get better.

The book is not just my story, as diabetes is a team effort, and knowing that we are not alone is paramount. I have interviewed 16 people thriving with diabetes so they can share their wisdom and inspiration with all of us!  

The book is already jam packed with life changing knowledge and wisdom, but I am so committed serving you at the highest level possible and to you seeing improvements in your quality of life, health, and relationship with diabetes that I'm including these three bonuses for FREE for anyone who buys my book. 

Adding as much value as possible to my tribe is one of my top priorities as a coach, author, and speaker. 

These bonuses are a reward for taking action now!
  • Bonus 1: Get a 5 day healthy meal plan (including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) based on the nutrition information that you will learn about in the book and training. This is an example of a meal plan that would cost $90 to design for my clients, and is easily customizable to your caloric needs. Choosing to use the bonus meal plan along with the recipes in the book takes the guess work out of meal preparation and sets you up for success.    
  • Bonus 2: Get access to my top 50 healthy and unhealthy foods guide to use for shopping and pantry clean-out. Gain the confidence that you and your family are eating the healthiest ingredients, and ensure you are throwing the junky foods out!
  • Bonus 3: If you like the book and leave a review on Amazon, I'll grant you access to my online Total Health Transformation Foundation Course where you will learn how to apply my Six Pillars of Total Health system that coincide with the lessons in the book to make dramatic improvements in your quality of health, life, and peace of mind. This course usually costs my clients $47 for access. 
It's simple to get your bonuses:

1. Order Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator (paperback or eBook) now on Amazon.
2. Send a PDF/screenshot of your receipt to coach@diabetesdominator.com
3. We'll send you an email with access to all of your bonuses! It's that easy!

Click below to order and get your bonuses.
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Daniele Hargenrader, Bestselling Author of Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator
Daniele Hargenrader, founder of Diabetes Dominator Coaching, is a Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, and International Keynote Speaker who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 1991. She guides people to think, eat, and move intuitively in order to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable through her repeatedly proven Six Pillars of Total Health system of cultivating the practices and powers of self-love, choice, and community. 
Praise for Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator
 “Daniele is a consistent source of positivity, ambition, and inspiration. She knows type 1 diabetes firsthand, she's experienced struggle and she's worked her way towards success. She's shared her journey and wisdom on achieving success in many ways, and her book is the official cherry on top! If you're looking for the motivation to create change in your own life with diabetes, I highly recommend this book--and anything else Daniele chooses to share with all of us!”
—Ginger Vieira, PWD
Author, Dealing with Diabetes Burnout
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Preview your $47 Total Health Transformation Foundation Training that you will get for FREE with your book purchase!
Click HERE to get your paperback book or eBook. Then email your receipt to coach@diabetesdominator.com to get your bonuses!
"Daniele's story of diving headfirst into change with intention and determination is loaded with inspiration. It fills me with hope, courage, and knowledge that I can make positive, lasting changes in my life! You deserve to know Daniele. You need to know Daniele."
—Scott Johnson, PWD
Blogger, Patient Advocate, Board Member, Diabetes Hands Foundation

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