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Your Self-Love Teacher and Diabetes Coach: Daniele Love Hargenrader, BSNS, CHC, CPT

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Giving you THE right combination oF STRATEGIES & accountability YOU NEED TO GO FROM STRUGGLING and confused... 

"your mind, body, spirit and  health will never be the same again."

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Daniele Love Hargenrader, has had type 1 diabetes for 29 years, is the founder of Diabetes Dominator Coaching, the Diabetes Empowerment Summit and Love Yourself to Health Monthly Coaching Membership, is an Entrepreneur, USA Today Bestselling Author, Business Consultant and Coach, Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, and Keynote Speaker. 

She guides thousands of students to think, eat, and move intuitively and build deep trust in themselves in order to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable through cultivating the practices and powers of self-love, choice, and community. 

"Healing takes courage, and I applaud and honor every single person who consciously embarks on the life-long journey. In the sacred healing process, we create more love to give to ourselves which automatically spills outward to everyone we interact with.
Living with a chronic disease for the very vast majority of my life has been an incredible learning experience, and one of the most impactful lessons I've learned is to CHOOSE to be in the mindset of love and healing all of the time." -Daniele

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