"The next best thing to having Daniele as your one-on-one coach."


Over the last 9 years I've had the privilege of working with thousands of clients and students, guiding them along their path towards understanding the "missing link" in all of their previous attempts to create sustainable change and lasting healthy habits in all areas of life, all the while listening intently to your incredibly valuable feedback. 

That missing link for everyone who told me they'd "tried everything" has always been mental and emotional hygiene practices - particularly understanding that the level of health and energy we feel each day is directly proportional to our willingness to practice self-love daily, just like we brush our teeth daily.  

Once you are able to recognize and uncondition old, damaging self-sabotage thoughts, language, patterns, and practices and recondition new, empowering beliefs through your daily practices, your mind, body, spirit health will never be the same again.

 With our Group Coaching Calls that take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month at 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, you will have the opportunity to join a group of like-minded people and learn how to PRACTICE tuning in to your intuition and inner wisdom and make that habitual in order to finally trust yourself as the most valuable health expert in your life. 

You will gain access to the top two things that every single person I've ever worked with said they needed to succeed: 

You will also gain incredible amounts of empowerment, confidence, clarity and resources to support your day to day health practices - mind, body, and spirit. The lessons you will learn on the calls are directly from my repeatedly proven self-love mindset based coaching methods and easy to follow systems. 

I know how easy it is to fall out of the habit of self-love and self-care practices. But I also know that when you have the right tools, resources and support, it's even easier - and super fulfilling - to stick with it. And the positive changes you experience as a result will blow your mind. 
Do you ever...
  •  Put your needs dead last on your list of priorities while pouring out your service to everyone else in your life? 
  •  Get really motivated to change your health habits, start strong, then fall off of whatever plan you've chosen after a few days or weeks?
  •  Think about how much better you would feel each day if you just (insert healthy habit here) but never get around to taking action EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW WITH 100% CERTAINTY IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL SO MUCH BETTER?
  •  Find yourself playing out the same frustrating patterns? 
  •  Feel convinced you'll never let go of extra weight or have a healthy relationship with food?

You want to feel healthy, energetic, inspired and connected to yourself and others, but you're not really sure how to do it. Well, my friends, I've got your back. 


I created the Monthly Coaching Membership to make it incredibly easy and fun to stay consistent with your self-love practices - so you can feel connected, supported and empowered every day.

When you have a daily self-love practice, your health and wellness are no longer afterthoughts reserved for when you start another new diet or exercise routine. Instead, you simply live a healthy lifestyle! And when you live a healthy lifestyle, you no longer get trapped for long periods of time in unhealthy patterns. When something bad happens, you come back quicker. Instead of completely losing it, you intuitively know how to handle situations because you are grounded by your daily self-love practices. 

The "Love Yourself to Health" Monthly Coaching Membership makes it really easy and fun to live a healthy life — because it gives you flexible structure and guidance. And the moment you join, you become part of a community of supportive conscious, intentional humans who share your values and help you stay on track.

On each call we will cover a variety of topics, lessons, and immediately actionable practices, all stemming from my 6 Pillars of Total Health system. Here are some of the areas that we will explore together: 

Mindset: We will dig deep into WHY previous attempts at taking control of your nutrition and fitness choices and health practices haven’t stuck the way you wanted - sustainably.  

You can do every single nutrition and fitness program out there, but if you don’t get your MINDSET PRACTICES and habits in line with the physical changes you are attempting to make, they simply won't last. But, you already know that, which is why you've been guided here today! :-)

We will get to the source of the issues AND how to heal them (hint - it's through self-love practices), together!

Nutrition: Learn how to “trust your gut” and eat intuitively, and why putting labels on your nutritional habits can be emotionally devastating and leave you feeling stuck, shameful, and guilty.

There is no single nutritional lifestyle that works for everyone. During our calls, you will take steps to learn how to listen to the signs your body is always sending you (but you have likely become accustomed to blocking out) in order to figure out the best nutrition plan for your unique needs.

Fitness: There are so many experts giving their opinions on what "the best" exercise regimens are that it’s easy to be incredibly confused and unsure of what to do.

You will learn why only YOU can decide what exercise routine works best for you, what that routine is, actually start DOING it, and how to get past all the hurdles such as the mindset around feeling like what you’re doing is never “enough.” 

Body Systems: I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but just know that we will be learning about the crucial functions of the human body, specifically related to sleep patterns and bowel movements (yes, we WILL talk about poop!)

If either of these two systems are irregular in your life, gaining optimal health and feeling energetic day to day will remain an uphill battle.

Support: We will have our own private Facebook group that is meant for ANY AND ALL questions to be asked, no matter the nature, in a comfortable and judgement free environment. 

If you can’t make our twice monthly calls for any reason, they will all be recorded and available to you for the life of your membership subscription to listen to at your convenience. 

Send me your questions via email and I will address them on the call, even if you can’t make it to the live call.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness and self-love are often talked about as esoteric ideas without any real-world application on HOW to cultivate them into practices. 

Choosing to put these practices into action is the ONLY sustainable way to building the quality of mind, body, spirit health you desire.

mindfulness practices = self-love practices

On our calls you will learn how to PRACTICE and cultivate the habits of mindfulness and self-love on a daily basis in ways that will take a small amount of time and produce monumental changes for the better over time, completely transforming the way you experience your health and life day to day.
I've never offered anything with this much value for this little cost EVER before. 

I am on a mission to help one million (or more!) people understand that the level of health and energy they feel each day is directly proportional to their self-love practices. I know that when a person steps into their own empowerment and confidence around their health practices and feels vibrant, energetic, and excited like all of my clients do, they will feel called to share their lessons and transformations with the world and pay this life-changing information forward again and again in an awesome upward spiral of love!

This program is for you if:
  • You are ready to take control of your choices around your mind, body, spirit health practices for good (including mindset, nutrition, fitness, and so much more!) 
  • You know that self-love and self-care have been WAY TOO LOW or even non-existent on your list of priorities, and you are ready to change that so you can be the best version of YOU for yourself and all of your loved ones.
  • You are a heart-centered person who loves learning and growing alongside like-minded people, and you are willing to dig deep and play full out to find the root of the challenges in your life that prevent you from having the quality of health and life you desire.
This program includes:
  • Each month you get two brand-new, LIVE, members only 1 hour long Group Coaching Calls, all of which are recorded and available to listen to as often as desired immediately after the call is complete. The live calls will take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.
  • Join our private Facebook group and become part of a loving community! Connect with other members, ask and answer questions, share your experiences, find support and have fun! 
  • Goal setting worksheet to make sure your goals are SMART to get you there faster and more efficiently 
  • Access to the online Diabetes Empowerment Summit - 30+ expert interviews, countless lessons, tips & practices teaching how to cultivate the habits of an empowered life 
  • Total Health Transformation Foundation Course - 3+ hours of my best online training 
  • BONUS JUST ADDED! Diabetes Dominator Edition of Total Health Transformation Academy
Cost to you for the Monthly Group Coaching Membership: 

Just $7 $1 for the first month, $29/month thereafter

The first month is a no-brainer! Try it out and see if you enjoy the calls! Then, for less than $1 per day you will have access to steady, reliable, consistent resources and accountability check-ins on our twice monthly group coaching calls! 

    Sneak Peek at Our Private Facebook Group: 
    “If every single person could apply Daniele’s life-changing wisdom, millions of lives would be improved, billions of dollars would be saved, and the face of health in America would be entirely transformed.”
    Dr. Jody Stanislaw, Naturopathic Doctor, CDE,  Author, Hunger
    “I am truly appreciative of how changed I feel. My mindset, my attitude, my outlook on life. I’ve learned how to deal with not just my diabetes management better, but my relationships and daily interactions. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!”
    “Daniele, I just wanted to say thanks. I believe that you are a “beacon of knowledge” in a sea of misinformation. You have successfully “shone a light” onto many valuable ideas and tools that will continue to be the “solid rock” for me to continue building my diabetes management plan. I know that others will benefit from the “beam” of truth that you bring. Thanks so much, it has been a true pleasure.”
    “I realized how much I was living in this negative, fear based world. My biggest wake up call was that I didn’t know what brought me joy or happiness when Daniele asked me. Throughout the coaching process, I asked myself “what brings me joy?” & things just eventually started to flow. Things I would have never thought. Things like: cooking and spending time alone and even just making small healthy decisions and following my intuition. I mean… I didn’t even know where they were coming from! I am so invigorated by this!”
    “Daniele's determination to transform her life to what it is today despite the hardships she has endured is infectious. She inspires her clients, friends to live with strength and passion”
    Asha Brown, Founder & Executive Director of We Are Diabetes
    Your membership is set to auto-renew monthly for your convenience. You can cancel anytime by contacting us at support@diabetesdominator.com Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month. For instance, if you cancel anytime in January, you will not be charged in February. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month in which you cancel.
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