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I'd Love To Introduce Myself, And Let You Know How & Why I Can Guide You On Your Health And Wellness Journey As I've Been Blessed To Do For Thousands Of Others Over The Years! 
My name is Daniele Hargenrader, AKA the Diabetes Dominator. I am the #1 Bestselling Author of Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator and Love, Forgive, Never Give Up, a Nutritionist, Health Coach, certified personal trainer, international speaker, host of the YouTube interview series, Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, and someone who strongly believes in the powers of choice, self-love, and peer support as the way to created lasting wellness that feels good to each of us. I help individuals from all walks of life to think, eat, and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought impossible by learning to follow their intuition.

I am passionate about serving those who are serious about finally making the switch from temporary fad diets and workouts to understanding, accepting, and embracing their inner wisdom and intuition to build a truly sustainable, permanent healthy lifestyle that FEELS GOOD! Adding consistent love, content and value to my community throughout the years has been and always will be a top priority, because we are stronger when we stick together, and I truly believe we are all connected.
My Health and Wellness Journey
When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 3 years later, I very suddenly and unexpectedly lost my father to a heart attack. After battling a binge eating disorder and deep depression while ballooning up to 200 lbs with my diabetes out of control for more than 8 years, I decided it was time to fight back in order to live the life I finally believed that I deserved after so many years of lack of self-love, hopelessness and low self-worth. 

I put myself through a rigorous personal training school program (500 hours over 6 months!), earned my Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science, got myself in the best shape of my life, and created a successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur business doing what I love...helping others find themselves through the gift of self-love and our power of choice. I strongly believe we all have the power to turn adversity into advantage, and I've dedicated my life to teaching others how to do exactly that.
I Love Highlighting My Clients' Results (Having The Ability 
To Help Others Succeed Is Why I LOVE Doing What I Do!)
"Trying to lose weight is a lot like being stuck in a deep, dark hole. There are so many websites, programs, systems, pills, exercises. It's overwhelming, how can a video or a computer know what is right for you and only you? How can a young, fit sports coach who has never been out of shape know what you need? It is hard to describe exactly what this program is except for that Daniele does not just give you some exercises or a a calorie count, she jumps down in the hole and step by step tells you how to get out. Not only that, she gives you the tools to do it yourself and a boost just when you need it."
Rachel Pollard, Philadelphia, Client, Lost 15 Pounds in 8 Weeks through the 6 Pillars of Total Health System and Personal Coaching
"Just wanted to thank you. My A1C went from 9.8 to 6.5! My doctor said she called the lab to make sure there was no mistake in the results, that’s how happy and surprised she was! I can’t believe this happened in only 3 months. "
Lina Matlis, 45, T2D, Philadelphia, PA
"It’s hard to put into words let alone a few sentences the impact that Daniele has had on our lives. My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 10 with type 1 diabetes. Until she hit puberty, her diabetes was manageable. When she turned 14, her diabetes spiraled out of control. A1C’s that previously were in the low 7’s now were in the high 9’s. She gained weight and her attitude was miserable. Daniele entered her life when she was 16 and within a few months of working with Daniele every week, I felt like I had my daughter back.

Daniele not only worked out with her, she counseled her on eating habits and making the right food choices. Daniele helped her plan out meals and created a realistic diet plan for a teenager. Having diabetes herself, Daniele could relate to the issues my daughter was having with being different from her friends. Daniele provided support and guidance. Even though my daughter is now a successful RN, she continues to meet with Daniele on a regular basis. Her A1C is now in the low 6’s and she maintains a healthy weight all thanks to Daniele’s love and guidance! "
Kathy Leahy, Mother of T1D client, Hatboro, PA
How Did They Do It?
Participating full out, remaining present without self-judgement and self-sabotage (I'll teach you how!) in my one on one coaching programs, my group coaching experience, and using my online course paired with the 6 Pillars of Total Health system that I created is how my clients finally achieve sustainable health and wellness goals that didn't feel like a battle every day (and all reported feeling massively increased confidence and empowerment around making day to day decisions they never had before) and never went back to their old habits again. I've heard so many clients use the word "unburdened" to describe how they felt toward their diabetes at the end of our time together, and that is everything. 

But, I only have so much time to work with clients 1-on-1. 
That's why I created the Diabetes Dominator Group Coaching Experience.  

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